Ten years of collaboration: Rubiën Florens Vyent

This is an ode to Rubiën Florens Vyent. Ten years of collaboration with DAIR design. Odair had a heart to heart with this beauty.


Rubiën is an artist. She shows her art through acting, singing, dancing […]

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DAIR Design fall/winter 2017

It’s already my second time at Art Hearts New York Fashion week. It seems like yesterday I was showing my last collection “Transform into your dreams”. I’m always scared to get to New York. If […]

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Hip voor nop

Hip voor nop is a Dutch television show for children. Every week there is a stylist who designs an new outfit for the participants, for nothing. The concept is that the outfit is made with old […]

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Final call

This is the last call for you! To see the Villa Thalia dinner show. The show has been playing for a while now and stops at the end of April. DAIR worked together with Paul […]

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50 years of Farouk

Together with the celebrations of 50 years of Farouk hairstyling and innovations, the 19th Bi-annual international conference of Farouk systems was held in Cancun, Mexico from the 18th till the 22nd of september. Of course […]

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FYI The show

Ready for take-off!

On Sunday the 29th of March it was finally time for a new FYI TrendyHair show! We had been looking forward for a while, because TrendyHair sure knows how to keep the entertainment […]

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DAIR to be curious! The month of….

It’s been a while since we have given you an update on what we are doing. Odair has been incredibly busy the past weeks. We like to share with you what he has been doing […]

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DAIR to be curious! The month of…


Once in a while we will present you the week of… Odair Pereira, a DAIR model or a DAIR team member.
The past weeks have been very hectic. So we skip ” the week of” this time and present you […]

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Rotterdam Central Sation

It took ten years to build the Rotterdam central station. On Friday, March 14th, the Central Station is opened publicly. Odair Pereira has been approached to be the fashion director for this day. He has […]

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