This is an ode to Rubiën Florens Vyent. Ten years of collaboration with DAIR design. Odair had a heart to heart with this beauty.



DAIR design from the shapes of egypt collection. Odair has always been a fan of Rubiën her figure. He wanted to dress her in a dress that showed her lines perfectally. Rubiën is not a girl, she is a woman. And this is just that dress. Isn’t she giving us Jessica Rabbit?

Rubiën is an artist. She shows her art through acting, singing, dancing and modelling. The most amazing moment in her life is every moment she learns, because then she grows. Her life and the choices she makes defines her as an artist. The groups she danced and acted with, the stages she performs on and the education she got.
As long as she can remember, she danced, sang and act. As a little girl she used to give performances for her family and friends whenever they came to visit. Playing with her meant you were a guest in the talkshow she hosted, you were dancing the dance routines she created or singing songs with her.
She thinks secretly it all started there. Discovering what moved her, what her passion was. When she grew up, she took dancing classes and joined a demo-group which participated in contests. At the age of fifteen she was teaching her own dance classes. Meanwhile she was also joining a band called Carpe-Diem and she was a comedian actress for a collective called Streetwise.
She decided to audition for a performing art school called ADC and she got accepted. There she developed her base as an all-round dancer. She did several gigs as a dancer already, so she focused on the things she never did before like ballet. After graduation she auditioned for a performing art school in Amsterdam called AHK. Also here she got accepted. There she developed her singing and acting skills, because they gave her extra classes. They saw the focus she had to grow.
To the question ‘if you could describe yourself in colors which one would it be?’ she answers;
“Ruby red of course, haha.. It’s the color of the heart, warmth, fire, passion, depth, femininity, love and making love. Blue, because it reminds me of freedom and calm, it’s an opposite of Ruby Red. And it speaks to the queen in me”. 
She also loves black, because to her it’s so cliché yet so timeless, powerful and mysterious. It’s actually a mix of the primary colors, red, blue and green. It contains no light and therefore it is no color. If you think about it, it defines her mystery and class. White, because it’s fresh, clean and the color of new beginnings, white it’s a blend of all different colors of the visible spectrum. White light in humans stimulates the color receptors to the same extent, giving a white color experience. These are the colors that defines her.

In this look Odair wanted to show the creativity of Rubiën. They like to play with different fabrics and materials. At the time she had a role in the musical the Bodyguard. Odair wanted to make a cross over from her to the musical. The chains are the symbol of the strong woman she is. Odair combined this look with a coiffure that is short/ young and playfull. A coiffure that is also a trademark in the movie the Bodyguard.

She often uses the colors in her art. The first premiere dress she wore was a blue dress – Royal Blue, to be precise. It was the premiere for her internship. Her first musical ever. It was called ‘Flashdance’. She played a role and sang solo. She was so proud of herself doing that, so she choose DAIR design to make a blue dress with a long tail on it. It was showing herself and others:

I am an artist, I enjoy what I am doing and her sense of fashion ;).
In that play, she wore a red suit and sang a song called Manhunt. It was her showing her fire!
When she was studying, she wore something tight and black in class. It gave her a clear sight of what she was doing. It gave her lines and body.
The time she wore white was in the musical ‘Dreamgirls’, she played Michelle and at the end of the show, all four dream girls wore a white gown. They stood out and showed they were equal.
When she had her premiere of ‘The Bodyguard’ she was one of the backing vocals and was the cover of Nicki Marron. Doing this show felt different than the other two musicals. She was more experienced, more aware of what she wanted to learn. It was a new show, so a new beginning.

She doesn’t need to force it to activate her creative mind. She has noticed that it comes spontaneous when she is in a creative process or on stage. She lets herself go, doesn’t give herself boundaries and then she noticed she starts to fly. She often surprises herself, it makes her happy, because at those moments she gets to know herself even more and feels that she still grows as an artist.

Detail is her middle name. She observes and feels. That’s actually how she prepares and get to know all the roles she played, danced, or sang. Even when she models. She feels the fabric she has to wear and then play with it, to see what she can do with it, to complement the design.
We can recognize Rubiën by just watching her art. During the time she performed and studied, she developed her own signature. If she would say it in words we actually would not get her. She could describe it in words, but it words don’t contain the essence of it Everybody could be those words. And everyone is their own version of it. Use what you have, your eyes, ears and your sensitivity. Just listen to what she has to say, sing and watch her walk and dance, then get swept away, and feel her.

If she could change a thing in the entertainment industry she would take away the fear. Especially the fear people have that are financing the artists. The fear that the visitors would see a new talent

I choose these nude DAIR design for Rubiën because i wanted to embrace her effortless beauty. When it comes to fashion Rubiën and I both like to be unpredictable. We could easily match this look with those amazing red bottom heels but we choose for these see through Jennie Ellen boots which showed her artistic touch in this look and Made the look timeless.

Odair chose this nude DAIR design for Rubiën because he wanted to embrace her effortless beauty. When it comes to fashion Rubiën and Odair both like to be unpredictable. They could easily match this look with amazing red bottom heels but they choose for these see through Jennie Ellen boots which showed her artistic touch in this look and made the look timeless.

they never saw before, or that maybe the skin-color of a performer wouldn’t be accepted. The fear that the show is too much, that the clothes are to edgy, or rare. This is art. The word doesn’t contain fear. She is acting, dancing, singing and modelling because she can express her creativity. That means when people go to our show, we can drag them into our creation. That can be a simple one, but it’s still our imagination. If we don’t let ourselves go and reproduce the last success we had, we live in fear.

She says this not to only criticise, but because of her own experience. Whenever she lets herself bathe in fear while performing, things get boring and performing becomes a trick. Some will fall for it, but it feels like she already passed that stage of growth.
What goes through her mind one minute before she hits the stage is? “Adrenaline!” She laughs “Go and create!!”. When she is on stage she feels different every time. It depends on what she does. But in general, it feels like home. It feels like her playground.
What we don’t know about her is that she is a big Game of Thrones fan, and that she would love to play in it one day.
There are things she would like to do one day, most of them are travelling to several countries. But she actually doesn’t have a bucket list. Like the way she sets goals for herself as an artist, she makes plans for her personal life every year. Maybe she will put them on a bucket list one day.
Earlier we mentioned how Rubiën chooses her colours for the clothes she wears.
Fashion is part of her creativity. We can say so much with the way we dress. And that’s why she combines fashion with her art whenever she performs and in daily life.
Her style hits all the facets of the person she is. It’s very diverse. A common thread. You will not see her wearing stuff that makes her feel uncomfortable. She likes clothes that compliment her body, or show her curves.
How does an artist prepare for the red carpet?
“Let’s say that I don’t joke until I’m on that carpet! Haha The red carpet means play time. Trying on new designs, flirting with the camera. That’s a moment of fun, so I use it! Choose something you love to wear and feel confident in.”
The most important details to create a look besides the design or outfit is you according to Rubiën. Choosing an outfit, means asking yourself questions. What do you want to radiate?
What does the design, fabric and colour means to you? A fashion icon means to her, somebody that inspires you throughout their fashion.
Meaning, what she said before. The design, fabric and colour are a part of you, because of the way you choose it. It’s hard for her to tell what she would never wear because she sees a second chance in everything. Even in ballerina shoes and socks with sandals.
There is not really a difference in her personal style and when she is working. Except for when she get dressed by somebody else for a play. But when she chooses herself, there is always a part of her in it. If she could design a piece it would be a dress or a jacket. They are both so powerful and not to be missed in your wardrobe she says.
Odair also asked her some questions about her collaboration with DAIR design.
DAIR design for her meant being herself, having ambition and a vision. She starts working with DAIR design before DAIR design even did its first show. Odair and Rubiën used to dance in a group called Freaky Street Glow. There he created all costumes for the group. It first started with customizing and after a while he sewed their first performing outfits.
She is very proud to say that she started working with DAIR from its first baby steps. When she wears a DAIR piece she feels confident and classy. Because we often create a design that she wears together it feels like she is wearing her favourite candy.
“Friendship is knowing each other, knowing what are weak and the strong spots of each other. Odair knows me from the inside out, so when he creates something for me it’s often what I wanted to see. I just fill in the details”.
Her special moment with DAIR design was its first fashion show. She was so proud of Odair.
He used almost everybody that helped him to build up DAIR design. DAIR design was official. To her it already was, but at that moment also for the rest of the world. The show was powerful and strong, because of all the people he used to develop it.
“That’s Odair. He walks proud, never forgets his own strength, but fearless and that’s why he can work with everyone!”
The similarities between both is that DAIR design and Rubiën play with colours and fabrics. It’s diverse. DAIR design is feminine because it accepts the fact that she has curves. It complements the body. Our slogan is DAIR collection fits it all!  It fits her brand by the fact that growing is learning, for her as a person and artist. DAIR is strong and confident, playful, calm, mysterious, remember the colours she told us about?
In the future she would love to walk a DAIR design fashion show in New York one day. And she would love to perform in DAIR and continue to do shoots in DAIR design.
Rubiën and I never just choose a look because it's pretty. It has to be part of the story we want to tell. In this shoot we wanted you to know the multitalented Rubiën. The actress, singer, dancer, model and cabaretière.

Rubiën and Odair never just chose a look because it’s pretty. It has to be part of the story they want to tell. In this shoot they wanted you to know the multitalented Rubiën. The actress, singer, dancer and model.

Photos by Martika Avalon de Sanders
Designer: Odair Pereira
Styling: Odair Pereira and Rubiën Florens Vyent
Wig artist: Sjoerd Didden
Hairstylist: Felicia Jongaman
Make-up: Roos van der Hoeven