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Architectenbal 2014

For more information: http://architectenbal.nl/


DAIR to travel into our world

March 13 th, was the grand opening of Rotterdam Central Station. There was a whole weekend of festivities. The first day of the celebration was called, “fashionportal”. On this day fashion was the ticket through the Central Station. Different designers showed their collection. They used different parts of the Central Station as their catwalk. DAIR was creative director and  responsible for the program on the day.

DAIR worked during the opening of Rotterdam Central Station along with fashion label I AM. I AM is an international label that provide us with the newest fashion accessories. At I AM you can finish any outfit, you can go for the latest trends or just the timeless classics. I AM now has more than 170 stores in 20 different European countries, the Netherlands is the brand represented by seven retail stores, so also in Rotterdam Central Station.

More information about I AM can be found at www.i-am.com
With the I AM accessories DAIR has a festive make-over during the opening kinds ladies, young and old.

Hereby a selection of makeovers and some shots of the day.





Opening soon.. DAIR online store

Always wanted to have an DAIR item? DAIR will open soon it’s very own online store. A little sneak preview of the shoot day.





Ladies of soul

On Friday, February 14 and Saturday, February 15 Trijntje Oosterhuis, Berget Lewis, Olivia Lewis, Glennis Grace and Candy Dulfer gave a spectacular show at the sold out Ziggo Dome.

It was a challenge for Odair to design a beautiful showpiece for these strong women. Working on different projects at the same time can be very hechtic. For this project Odair worked together with designer Jet van Dijk. They have designed pieces in which every one of the ladies could feel special. Odair and Jet have created a look for each of the ladies based on their own identity. The results were stunning.

The week of Virgil Moreno Oehlers

Like you have read before, once in a while we will present you the week of Odair, a DAIR member or a DAIR model.

This is the week of Virgil Moreno Oehlers.

Virgil is a DAIR model. He is always dressed in DAIR during big fashion events and social events. Together with Odair he is responsible for the catwalk choreograpy during the DAIR fashionshow.  This model/dancer/dance and catwalk choreographer knows how to rock a DAIR outfit. DAIR stands for experience, diversity, edgy and elegant. As a true model Virgil knows exactly how to express this.

It was not only a busy week for him but a busy month, because of all the preparations for Vrienden van Amstel Live and Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. Carriere wise it was majestic, thrilling and challenging. He even called the month january, Venchinouary.
At the Vrienden van Amstel Live, Virgil was one of the dancers for Timor Steffens, one of the world’s greatest dancer at the moment and a good friend of Virgil. Virgil has a lot of respect for the way Timor designed and choreographed the show. Virgil named the shows as spectacular and it was of international level of performance that Timor has managed to show together with the dancers.

It was quite a challenge for Virgil  to do both projects, Vrienden van Amstel Live and Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam week next to each other. But he was very happy to switch from dancer to choreographer and to model. During both projects was 200% effort expected and it was a huge challenge for him to make this happen. DAIR think this is well succeeded.

This month was for Virgil a big step in the direction he would like to go. It was also a big step for DAIR, […]

So long 2013, hello 2014!


‘It always seems impossible, until it’s done’ – Nelson Mandela


As the end of this amazing year is already here, it’s time for a little bit of reflection. 2013 wasn’t easy, but it sure was a beautiful year. This year we experienced growth; growth as a company, growth within our DAIR team and growth in relationships with our very important partners. We are very thankful that again we progressed this year and that we are a few steps further than where we were on January 1st 2013.

We would like to highlight a few milestones of 2013 and share these with you.

But most importantly, we would like to thank YOU. Our fans, clients, partners, colleagues, family and friends, who have supported DAIR like never before.

Have an amazing 2014 and never forget: DAIR to be you!

DAIR Fashion Show
On Wednesday the 27th of March the DAIR fashion show took place at the amazing West Indisch Huis, Amsterdam. After months of preparation, it was finally time to show what DAIR is really about. In a 15 minute show DAIR combined haute couture fashion with other arts we love so much, such as dance and spoken word. The show stayed true to the DAIR identity and resulted in lots of enthusiastic and positive feedback. We can’t wait to tell you more about our next show! Special thanks to Farouk Hair Systems, a Matter of Taste and Code 101.

FYI the show – Farouk Hair Systems
FYI the show is an annual hair event, where Holland’s most professional hair stylists make their appearances on the runway to give you a heads up on the upcoming styles. But Farouk takes the show a bit further, because.. why only focus on hair? A Farouk show must […]

DAIR to be curious! The week of…………..

Once in a while we will present you the week of… Odair Pereira, DAIR model or DAIR team member.

This is once again the week of ODAIR PEREIRA.

Our designer has been running around and had a full schedule of fashion. To start with the styling for YMCGAY Halloween celebration at the Thalia Lounge. Singer, writer, producer, and also the owner of his own label “NelsonFreitas Music will be on a tour starting at the end of the month in Portugal. The styling and designs are in the hands of our beloved designer.

To make sure that there will enough materials for more great designs, Odair was on a mission: finding materials. Which will be used to design clothes that soon can be purchase in our new webshop. For the content of the webshop Odair had an meeting with photographer Karlijn Goudriaan.

Moving on to more styling. Odair did the styling for the youth of “Littekens van Zuid” who have acted in a show called STRIJKLICHT in Theater Zuidplein. He also did the styling for people who did audtion for BNN Talent Day. Sven Figee is presenter and producer of the beats in the TV show “Join the beat”. Odair does his styling and designs items for him.

Farouk systems was present on the Hair business experience. The beautiful ladies of Farouk systems walked the ramp in DAIR design!





The making of the National Costume for Miss Germany

Miss Germany Anne Julia Hagen is running for the title of Miss Universe. DAIR had the honour to design an outfit for the National Costume Show.

The National Costume is inspired by Berlin memorial stone Brandenburger Gate. Odair was inspired by this memorial stone because of the significance of this.
Miss Germany Ana Julia Hagen lives  in Berlin. For this reason Odair wanted to be inspired by a specific eye catcher of Berlin. Odair likes to use different fabrics,  silhouettes and color combinations. With the Branderburger Gate he was challenged to combine those facts and create a new design with a DAIR signature.

The meaning of the National Costume

The Brandenburger Gate symbolizes unity of Berlin. Carl Gotthard Langhans has rebuilded this monument from 1788 till 1791  to a monument of freedom. During World War II this monument had been destroyed. From 1961 till 1989 Berlin was divided  in west and east with the Berlin Border . There was no unity . After a lot of changes the Berlin border was official over. In 2000 west and east Berlin worked together on this memorial stone. This was one of Germany’s  biggest and historical moments. From that moment the Brandenburger Gate symbolized  the unity of Berlin. For Miss Germany this is the best message she can present at the Miss Universe pageant. On top off the memorial stone  you see the greek goddess Victoria. She stands for victory. At Miss Universe every participant dreams of victory, but Miss Germany Ana Julia Hagen doesn’t  need to speak about her chance of victory. The costume will do it for her.  Winners are silent losers talk!


DAIR to be curious! The week of…………..

Once in a while we will present you the week of… Odair Pereira, DAIR model or DAIR team member. Let’s see what our designer has been up to.

This is the week of ODAIR PEREIRA

It has been a crazy week for Odair. He has been styling different photoshoots. Working on the new collection, delivering the order of the Hannah jackets and preparing the styling for Miss Germany. But he had also time to “relax” and support best friend Rubien who is currently acting in the musical Flashdance.










Who doesn’t know Farouk Hair systems, one of the world’s biggest hair companies? We’re sure names such as BioSilk and CHI ring a bell.

Each year the Dutch organization of Farouk organizes the phenomenal hair show FYI: For Your Inspiration, presented by ambassadors like Daphne Dekkers or Victoria Koblenko.

During this show, hair models own the runway with a brand new hair cut and rockin’ the newest couture.
The theme of this year’s show was ICONS, and icons such as Freddy Mercury, Stacey Broughton, Karl Lagerfeld and Vivianne Westwood were honored.

This year, DAIR was honored to be a big part of the show. Not only were the clothes of six blocks completely designed and made by DAIR, we actually had our very own DAIR block!

What do you do when you get your own block offered at this amazing show? Work hard! And so we did.
Long nights of designs, cutting and sewing, contacting and planning the best models and of course rehearsals!

On Sunday the 29th of September, it was finally time to shine!

Our extraordinaire models were present even before 9 a.m., and that on a Sunday 😉

When a show starts around 8.30 p.m., you can imagine that it’s a very long, long day.

Nevertheless the models and the team gave such a positive energy, that the time flew by.

Inspired on the Egyptian feel of this 2013 line, DAIR rocked the runway and was received very positive by the

After the DAIR show, Odair was interviewed by Dutch style icon and actress Victoria Koblenko. How proud were we when she confessed that she herself is very much inspired by young talents such as DAIR itself!

The FYI Show was a big success, we are very grateful to our models and of course the amazing […]