It took ten years to build the Rotterdam central station. On Friday, March 14th, the Central Station is opened publicly. Odair Pereira has been approached to be the fashion director for this day. He has selected a diverse group of designers to make this a spectacle. The theme was DAIR to travel into our world. Odair chose this theme because everyone make use of the station to travel. The opening was different, strange and unique.These are all feature where DAIR stands for, but also to develop an experience in the most varied ways. Fifteen different designers were ready to enter the longest catwalk ever, the central station itself. Everyone worked hard as possible to make the event big en unique. The sky is the limit for DAIR, live mannequins, a couture catwalk trail of 20 meters and so on. It was all there. If you were not there, you have definitely missed something. Here are some pictures if the talented designers who participated on this wanderlust day. On behalf of the DAIR team we want to thank all the cooperating parties for their efforts!