It’s already my second time at Art Hearts New York Fashion week. It seems like yesterday I was showing my last collection “Transform into your dreams”. I’m always scared to get to New York. If it’s not my hotel, it’s the flight, if it’s not the flight, it’s something with my luggage. But I am positive and look forward to the show!
It’s February 9th. I am 10 minutes away from JFK airport but the plane can’t land, because the airport is closed because of a snowstorm. Oh oh, is it starting already? We wait for 1,5 hour to land and finally I am in New York City, ready to do this! After 3 hours, a long wait for the luggage, a quick shower and a makeover, I am ready for the opening party.
I see a lot of  familiar faces. I meet Rafaël, one of my models and friends. Director Erik is welcoming everyone and Didi is busy networking. We all are excited for everything that is about to happen the following days!
I arrive at the venue. The runway is almost done. Backstage I get a warm greeting from April,  the make-up director. The models are ready to fit and I immediately get started. This collection “True colours of friendship” is about the friendship between my best friend Zen and I (Zen passed away last year). Every colour explains a part of our friendship.
Red is for passion, yellow for happiness, blue for the creativity and trust we had. Green for balance and pink for the theatrical people we are.
This time in New York I want to create a DAIR experience like I am used to back in Europe. My amazing dancer Joshi Martina is opening the show and I trust him fully to bring out a true DAIR experience. 
Bye now it’ss 06:30 PM, the show starts at 07:00/07:30 PM. My muze Virgil Moreno has finally arrived, he just landed from his flight and immediately got to the venue. Now I am all set and ready to kill the runway.
Lights, camera, action!
The venue is packed with photographers, fashionista’s, bloggers and writers from magazines. I watch the audience and recognize faces. They can’t wait to see what is about to happen. I know what is about to happen and can’t wait either!!
It’s show time. The music starts and I feel free! The first notes of the beat (Thirty seconds to Mars –“Vox populi”) runs through the classic Angel Orensanz location. From that moment on everything goes so fast and the friendship takes over. The audience is screaming and I am very glad to once again have been able to show my collection at Art Hearts New York Fashionweek.
DAIR Design fall/winter 2017 is a fact. The show was amazing!
The following days I run from show to show and squeeze fashion network parties in between. On the last night we are invited for the Art Hearts fashion award. 38 Designers compete for 8 awards. I am standing there, happy with the results of my show, enjoying the people and watching the award ceremony.
Then they call my name ?
And the winner of the “Outstanding streetwear designer award”is…. DAIR by Odair Pereira!
This collection is so special to me, 17 beautiful years of friendship wrapped all into one collection. I took a risk to combine couture and streetwear. The inspiration of this collection, my dearest ZEN was like that. And now I have won an award for this specific collection!
I am so honoured and blessed and could not wish for a better way to end this adventure!
This award is for my ZEN, my team and every one who believes in DAIR design.
Thank you!
Yours faithfully,
Odair Pereira