Together with the celebrations of 50 years of Farouk hairstyling and innovations, the 19th Bi-annual international conference of Farouk systems was held in Cancun, Mexico from the 18th till the 22nd of september. Of course Odair couldn’t be a missing factor during this grand event as one of Farouk’s designers and stylists. Due to a busy schedule, we finally found some time to have a word with Odair about his experience in Mexico.
How was your experience, what stood out, what did you learn?

Of course Odair doesn’t go anywhere without all his fabulous DAIR outfits and together with fashion tape, needle, thread, scissors, safety pins, stain remover and, his recently appointed new best friend, a steam cleaner, Odair’s luggage had a funny content. But when asked what the most important things were, he tells us it were his paspoort, debit card, the fashion tape and must have fashion items to create an amazing style every moment.

He had an very pleasant cooperation with the whole team during the event. Farouk systems is an organization with a lot of warm people who have passion for their work. Everyone, from dancer to stylist and from photographer to choreographer aspires to be the very best and is committed to their job. Working in such an environment is extremely motivating. Besides that it was an honor to meet Mr. Farouk himself. It is very inspiring to work with a company that has grown into an empire.

Local fashion trends
As a designer and stylist Odair is breathing fashion every second of the day. In Cancun the fashion trends are sophisticated, feminine and sexy. Fashion trends for men are more macho. Tight jeans, brown thick leather belts, plaid shirt in light shades and buttons open so you can see the chest.

Thinking back, Odair remembers the warmth, the exotic athmosphere and the hardworking Mexican people.
Fun fact: Odair loves desserts. During dinner there were a lot of desserts and he enjoyed all of them. Mini lime flavoured cakes, caramelized nuts, various types of pudding.. Odair was in heaven. But the highlights of the trip is for sure the fact that he has shown more than 100 creations in seven days.
He also shared his expertise on how to style an editorial shoot live on stage. This editorial shoot was in cooperation with big names in the hairdressing world like Rocky Vitelli and Tammy Mixon Miller and the Dutch photographer Richard Monsieur, but also make up artist Yuko, which has worked with stars like Beyonce.

Odair received a lot of compliments from professionals and from the talented audience.
But the biggest compliment he received was from a beautiful plus size model. She greatly appreciated that he did not prejudiced her on her weight, but made her feel and look beautiful instead. Odair felt super honored with such a compliment.
He is working hard to make everyone feel equal and beautiful. DAIR collection fits it all!

This experience has thought him that the sky is the limit and he can do everything as long as he is realistic and works hard.
Be prepared for everything and make every moment count. Which translates in a better planning and even harder work.
Every day, be at least 1% better than you were before!

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