Ready for take-off!

On Sunday the 29th of March it was finally time for a new FYI TrendyHair show! We had been looking forward for a while, because TrendyHair sure knows how to keep the entertainment level extremely high.

At the entrance, we were surprised with the fun theme of ‘Xplore’. And did they take us around the world. Starting off in chilly Scandinavia, the TrendyHair crew took us to amongst the most amazing parts of the world. Mesmerized by the mystique of Turkey, dancing in our chairs in Brazil.. All while watching these beautiful models in beautiful clothing, getting the most amazing haircuts. The barbers were truly inspirational and showed us the upcoming hair trends.

As a DAIR team member I might not be entirely impartial here, but Odair outdid himself again. Together with his number one fan, mama Pereira, I sat in the audience with such an extremely proud look on my face, watching all 60 models dressed in DAIR. During the exclusive DAIR block, where Odair showed bits and pieces of his new collection, the audience took out their phones to take pictures and videos. No better sign of success, if you ask me.

I could keep babbling on about how good it looked, but you might want to see for yourself and take a look at Frank Wes’s cool pictures of the entire show. See you there next year?