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The making of the National Costume for Miss Germany

Miss Germany Anne Julia Hagen is running for the title of Miss Universe. DAIR had the honour to design an outfit for the National Costume Show.

The National Costume is inspired by Berlin memorial stone Brandenburger Gate. Odair was inspired by this memorial stone because of the significance of this.
Miss Germany Ana Julia Hagen lives  in Berlin. For this reason Odair wanted to be inspired by a specific eye catcher of Berlin. Odair likes to use different fabrics,  silhouettes and color combinations. With the Branderburger Gate he was challenged to combine those facts and create a new design with a DAIR signature.

The meaning of the National Costume

The Brandenburger Gate symbolizes unity of Berlin. Carl Gotthard Langhans has rebuilded this monument from 1788 till 1791  to a monument of freedom. During World War II this monument had been destroyed. From 1961 till 1989 Berlin was divided  in west and east with the Berlin Border . There was no unity . After a lot of changes the Berlin border was official over. In 2000 west and east Berlin worked together on this memorial stone. This was one of Germany’s  biggest and historical moments. From that moment the Brandenburger Gate symbolized  the unity of Berlin. For Miss Germany this is the best message she can present at the Miss Universe pageant. On top off the memorial stone  you see the greek goddess Victoria. She stands for victory. At Miss Universe every participant dreams of victory, but Miss Germany Ana Julia Hagen doesn’t  need to speak about her chance of victory. The costume will do it for her.  Winners are silent losers talk!