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Ten years of collaboration: Rubiën Florens Vyent

This is an ode to Rubiën Florens Vyent. Ten years of collaboration with DAIR design. Odair had a heart to heart with this beauty.


Rubiën is an artist. She shows her art through acting, singing, dancing and modelling. The most amazing moment in her life is every moment she learns, because then she grows. Her life and the choices she makes defines her as an artist. The groups she danced and acted with, the stages she performs on and the education she got.
As long as she can remember, she danced, sang and act. As a little girl she used to give performances for her family and friends whenever they came to visit. Playing with her meant you were a guest in the talkshow she hosted, you were dancing the dance routines she created or singing songs with her.
She thinks secretly it all started there. Discovering what moved her, what her passion was. When she grew up, she took dancing classes and joined a demo-group which participated in contests. At the age of fifteen she was teaching her own dance classes. Meanwhile she was also joining a band called Carpe-Diem and she was a comedian actress for a collective called Streetwise.
She decided to audition for a performing art school called ADC and she got accepted. There she developed her base as an all-round dancer. She did several gigs as a dancer already, so she focused on the things she never did before like ballet. After graduation she auditioned for a performing art school in Amsterdam called AHK. Also here she got accepted. There she developed her singing and acting skills, because they gave her extra classes. They saw the focus she had to grow.
To the question ‘if […]

DAIR Design fall/winter 2017

It’s already my second time at Art Hearts New York Fashion week. It seems like yesterday I was showing my last collection “Transform into your dreams”. I’m always scared to get to New York. If it’s not my hotel, it’s the flight, if it’s not the flight, it’s something with my luggage. But I am positive and look forward to the show!
It’s February 9th. I am 10 minutes away from JFK airport but the plane can’t land, because the airport is closed because of a snowstorm. Oh oh, is it starting already? We wait for 1,5 hour to land and finally I am in New York City, ready to do this! After 3 hours, a long wait for the luggage, a quick shower and a makeover, I am ready for the opening party.
I see a lot of  familiar faces. I meet Rafaël, one of my models and friends. Director Erik is welcoming everyone and Didi is busy networking. We all are excited for everything that is about to happen the following days!
I arrive at the venue. The runway is almost done. Backstage I get a warm greeting from April,  the make-up director. The models are ready to fit and I immediately get started. This collection “True colours of friendship” is about the friendship between my best friend Zen and I (Zen passed away last year). Every colour explains a part of our friendship.
Red is for passion, yellow for happiness, blue for the creativity and trust we had. Green for balance and pink for the theatrical people we are.
This time in New York I want to create a DAIR experience like I am used to back in Europe. My amazing dancer Joshi Martina is opening […]