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The week of Virgil Moreno Oehlers

Like you have read before, once in a while we will present you the week of Odair, a DAIR member or a DAIR model.

This is the week of Virgil Moreno Oehlers.

Virgil is a DAIR model. He is always dressed in DAIR during big fashion events and social events. Together with Odair he is responsible for the catwalk choreograpy during the DAIR fashionshow.  This model/dancer/dance and catwalk choreographer knows how to rock a DAIR outfit. DAIR stands for experience, diversity, edgy and elegant. As a true model Virgil knows exactly how to express this.

It was not only a busy week for him but a busy month, because of all the preparations for Vrienden van Amstel Live and Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. Carriere wise it was majestic, thrilling and challenging. He even called the month january, Venchinouary.
At the Vrienden van Amstel Live, Virgil was one of the dancers for Timor Steffens, one of the world’s greatest dancer at the moment and a good friend of Virgil. Virgil has a lot of respect for the way Timor designed and choreographed the show. Virgil named the shows as spectacular and it was of international level of performance that Timor has managed to show together with the dancers.

It was quite a challenge for Virgil  to do both projects, Vrienden van Amstel Live and Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam week next to each other. But he was very happy to switch from dancer to choreographer and to model. During both projects was 200% effort expected and it was a huge challenge for him to make this happen. DAIR think this is well succeeded.

This month was for Virgil a big step in the direction he would like to go. It was also a big step for DAIR, […]